With decades of combined experience, our experts offer unparalleled insights and innovative solutions tailored to each client’s needs. We leverage our diverse skills to empower and achieve measurable results.

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    Simon Lomax

    Lead Director of Consultancy

    Simon, an experienced solutions consultant, has worked in IT and services across various sectors, including government. He has managed multidisciplinary teams on large-scale digital projects. Recently, he left a successful management consultancy for Precision Resource Group in 2023, aiming to grow our consultancy services in the UK, EU, and USA.

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    Sharon Taylor

    Lead Consulting Partner

    Sharon, our Lead Consulting Partner at PRG Consulting, is committed to delivering successful projects with a focus on achieving desired outcomes in a fully compliant and efficient manner. With a history at our parent company, Precision Resource Group, since 2018, Sharon brings over 17 years of experience in the consultancy market, both in the UK and internationally.

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    Verity Druce

    Programme Lead

    Driven by a 25-year career in the public sector, Verity is committed to transformative change, creating sustainable impact through strategic leadership and collaborative relationships. Verity has spearheaded major projects, such as overhauling transport services and revitalising a national charity, always with a people-centered approach and a drive for continuous improvement.

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    Tom Hibberd


    Tom co-founded PRG brand Panoramic Associates in 2009 and later expanded his ventures to include iO Associates, Finitas and PRG Consulting. With 20 years of industry experience, he specialises in senior-level consulting, particularly in business and technology change. Tom is dedicated to team building and career development, recognised for his effective solutions and strong client relationships.

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    Mark Lloyd


    Mark, a seasoned expert with 20 years of experience, excels in forging long-term client partnerships. He's adept at managing complex accounts and tailoring multifaceted solutions to business needs. In 2015, Mark co-founded Precision Resource Group (PRG), a conglomerate of niche brands specialising in strategic disciplines across various markets.

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    Neil Willis-Stovold


    Neil brings 18 years of industry experience to his role at PRG, where he excels in a range of client solutions. His expertise includes developing onsite partnerships and comprehensive engagement strategies. At PRG and its group brands, Neil leverages the consultative approaches of PRG Consulting combining them with his deep insight into the industry’s evolution. His client-focused ethos has...

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    Simon Alpren

    Chief Finance Officer

    Simon heads Finance and Operations at PRG Consulting, aiming for peak efficiency and financial goals. His role spans budgeting, controls, and system improvements. With extensive experience in finance, he has contributed to the public sector, advertising, data, consultancy, and tech industries, enhancing each sector's operational and financial frameworks.

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    Tracy Wright

    Director of People

    Tracy, our Director of People at PRG, oversees People functions and culture, integrating strategic HR and recruitment expertise. She champions initiatives aligned with business strategies, fostering a high-performance culture for growth and innovation. Tracy's background equips her uniquely to understand and meet the evolving needs of the business and its workforce.

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    Michelle Smith

    Marketing Director

    Michelle, with over 10 years in marketing, leads PRG's marketing function, enhancing brands and supporting strategies. Her expertise spans digital marketing, content, events, PR, and communication. She excels in campaigns meeting business goals and aids clients in developing employer brands and targeting solutions.

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